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Policies- Swayam Siddhi Degree College



Mentoring is a strategy to provide students with emotional and moral support they need to achieve learning goals' with respect to higher education. Mentoring is a two way interaction between 'Teachers and Students'.

It sets up a healthy relationship and improves rapport. Experience of the college life is very different from home life. During graduation  years, students are financially dependent on the family, but they learn to manage their expenses. These factors bring about changes in the behavioral aspects of the students. Also during college life, they are introduced to wide range of technical /professional courses under the programmes offered  to them. Mentoring provides a reliable and comprehensive support system, to motivate students to excel in both academic and non-academic fields and to the most of their life at the college and ensures that the students adapt to the dynamic learning environment and read their ways into highly successful careers. SSDNC is committed to mentor its students by providing them one to one counselling and support from experts as and when required.



  • To monitor the academic progress of the students

  • To provide the platform to the students for sharing their problems related to academic and non-academic matters.

  • To identify the slow learners, advanced  learner and the average students and to provide suitable environment to grow and prosper.

  • To provide guidance and assistance to the student to grab the opportunity for their growth and development.

  • To cultivate higher degree of professional  responsibilities and imbibe the values amongst the young students.

  • To provide an opportunity for overall development of the students.

  • Gain practical advice, encouragement and support .

  • Learn from the experiences of others.

•Increase social and academic confidence.
  • Develop communication, study and personal skills.

In view of the above objectives the College has carefully drafted its mentoring procedure for the overall development of the students.


Procedure for Mentoring:

Step I:Orientation of the Mentors


At the start of the academic year, the faculty members are to be oriented and sensitized regarding the importance and objective of the mentoring process. They are made to realize that the mentoring of the students at the college is a part of their professional duty. During the orientation session, the faculty members are oriented with the dos and don'ts of the mentoring process. The HODs I senior faculty member of the  institute /department co-ordinate and act as a resource person for this orientation session. The class teachers shall be appointed who  in turn shall act as a mentor to allotted class.

Step II: General Mentoring

The concerned Class teacher shall in his initial lectures offer general mentoring to all the students of his class.

Step III:Allocation of students to the Mentors.

The concerned Class Mentor shall select 25 students from respective Class.Preferabl y, the same faculty member should remain as the mentor for the same group during the group's entire year.

Step IV: Round of Mentoring.


The main purpose of this mentoring session is to monitor the academic perfonnance of the students, to review the overall development etc. Thus, in a semester, minimum 1 general mentoring session and students were also mentored on a case to case basis shall be arranged. The mentor shall maintain proper records of mentees.

Step V: Referring special cases to Professional Counselors:


The mentor shall identify the critical cases which are beyond his/her control and shall refer such students to the professional counselors for further advice and support. The management of college shall maintain a list of professional counselors who are easily available for such purpose. The mentor shall report such cases to parents for appropriate steps.

Step VI: Recognition of testimonials.

The College shall appropriately felicitate both mentor and mentee who are proud achievers due to specific mentoring.The testimonials shall be published in college publications.

All the stakeholders shall adhere to the above policy in the interest of overall development of the student's community at large.





  1. The College Development Committee shall be responsible to provide finance for implementation of Green Initiatives in and around the Campus.

  2. The Principal of the College in co-ordination with NSS Officer, Teaching, Support Staff and Students shall initiate, plan and implement this Policy.

  3. For Green Campus the following schemes shall be implemented :

    1. Planting of more and more Outdoor trees in and around campus

    2. Indoor plants be place on each floor of the College Building

    3. Each working table of the office staff shall have small plant

    4. The college canteen shall be maintained green

  4. The NSS Unit of the College shall organize tree plantation drives at :

    1. NSS Camp Site

    2. Adopted Village

    3. Any place that is provided by the Local Municipal Corporation

    4. The housing societies surrounding to the College

  5. The College shall motivate students to participate in Tree Adoption Drive. In which each student shall be made to adopt one Tree for regular watering and taking care of his adopted tree with the sole responsibil ity for its growth.

  6. The staff and parents  shall be motivated to cultivate the concept of Kitchen Garden.

  7. The College shall install Solar Panels on building terrace and use this alternate source of energy to the maximum possible extent.

  8. The LED Tube lights and bulbs shall be used all over the campus.

  9. The campus shall be maintained Plastic Free. Students and teachers shall follow the principal of Plastic Free Campus.

10.The guests at the campus shall be welcomed or felicitated by a sapling.


11. The use of Bicycle shall be promoted amongst students and teachers. 

12.Each floor shall have dustbins to collect Dry and wet waste separately.

13.The daily collection of garbage though municipal vehicles shall be ensured by office Superintendent.

14.The e-waste collection drives shall be arranged periodically.

15.The rainwater harvesting shall be carryout by pit niethod. The terrace water in rainy seasons shall be drained accordingly in the college campus.

16.The water coolers and water taps shall be maintained with highest priority. The estate manager shall be responsible for the same.

17.The borewell water shall be used for cleaning floors, washrooms, watering plants etc..

18.NSS Unit shall organize events and activities in and around the College for sensitizing the citizens of the surrounding area for all the above green initiatives.

19.College shall promote and motivate students to participate in such drives and initiatives undertaken by the surrounding Colleges or University or any of such institutions.

20. College students shall be motivated to take active participation in the Green Drives initiated by the Local Government, Social organizations or clubs like Rotary, Lions or any similar organizations.



The    College   offers Undergraduate,in B. Com and BMS. The college is a self -financing institution. A number of major and minor research projects are being undertaken and completed by the faculty of the college.

The objective of Research & Development (R&D) inventiveness undertaken by JSS College is to put up research careers, to support and strengthen the knowledge foundation and promote the creation of new applications, as well as societal impact of education, research and innovation.All education, research and innovation of the college aim to be of a high standard. To achieve the high quality research ambience the following policies have been in practice with continual efforts for revision and update.



A Research Cormnittee of R&D Cell is in force with the following members contributing ina big way to prepare and implement the documents related to research and development activities within the College.

1.            Dr. G S Shikhare

n.       Dr. Sudhakar Iyer

iii.       Dr. Smita Dubey Responsibilities of the R&D Cell:

The R&D Cell is responsible for

  1. The development, review and monitoring of achievements under the Research & Development.

  2. The development and enhancement of the research capacities in the College. 

  3. Motivate all FacuJties to pursue research in their respective areas of expertise.

  4. The     protection       and commercialization of the Institute's intellectual property.

  5 .Consultancy activities related to R&D.

6. The provision of research and development opportunities for academic staff to maintain enthusiasm, awareness of current scholarship and relevance in teaching and other activities.

7. The development of infrastructure conducive for promoting the quality and quantity of research and development.

Maintenance Policy

SSDNC maintains its infrastructure in high class working condition. The College has a team for maintenance and upkeep of its own facilities. The infrastructure is maintained as follows:-

  1. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) by external agencies

  2. Continuous maintenance by the faculty/ concerned support staff members

The following table shows the policy for maintenance of important facilities at the campus either by an AMC or by some external agency on visit basis.



  • The furniture shall be maintained by outsourced carpenter.

  • The pest control of books and furniture shall be carried out by outsourced agency.

  • The automated shelves shall be periodically over oiled by the library attendant.

Laboratory equipment's

  • Warranty from the manufacturer shall be ensured at the time of purchase.

  • Services of repairs and maintenance shall be hired from external agencies.

Computer Laboratory Repairs & Maintenance

  • Warranty (One Year) from the Manufacturer shall be ensured at the time of purchase.

  • AMC shall be granted to outside agency that will provide one hardware technician during the working hours of the College.

  • The requisite spare parts and material shall be made available by the College.

Routine Sweeping and Cleaning

  • Class-IV support staff of the College shall carryout routine Cleaning.

  • The Class rooms and other infrastructure shall be maintained in clean and hygienic condition.

  • The Canteen shall be maintained by the concerned canteen contractor


Water Management

  • The Underground and overhead water tanks shall be cleaned on monthly basis.

  • The water cooler available on each floor shall be cleaned by the appointed external agency under AMC.

  • The Boring water shall be used for all the college toilets and its shall be maintained periodically.

  • All water taps shall be checked on monthly basis by the supervisor.


General Maintenance

  • For civil jobs, the college shall have a dedicated team of Architect, Interior Designer, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer supported by plumbers, electricians, carpenter, gardeners, masons, painters etc.

  • This team shall function directly under the direction of the Management. They shall be entrusted with the duty and responsibility of civil maintenance, electric and furniture repairs.


Green Campus Maintenance

  • One of the staff shall daily water all the plants in the College campus.

  • The    gardener   shall   be    appointed   for garden maintenance ensuring weekly visit

Security of the Campus

  • 24 X 7security services shall be hired from the Professional security agency.

  • The CC TVs shall be installed throughout the campus to ensure continuous surveillance.

  • The floor   peons shall   be entrusted   with the

responsibility of maintaining discipline on the concerned floor

Canteen Maintenance

  • The Canteen Committee consisting of teaching and support staff shall be appointed to ensure a clean and friendly environment of canteen, with a delicious and hygienic food at subsidized rates.


  • The College website shall be maintained by the IT Professional appointed under AMC.

  • The Notices and Updates shall be carried out by   the College IT Staff.


  • The intercom shall be maintained under AMC for effective communication within the campus


A ‘maintenance register’ shall be maintained wherein complaints regarding repairs and maintenance of various facilities in the campus shall be registered regularly by the staff members, which shall be attended by concerned technical persons.

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