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What is the Objective behind the Practice of Mentoring Program in Swayam Siddhi College:
1.    To enhance the morale of the students
2.    To sort out the students conflicting  issues and motivate for solutions
3.    To encourage students for higher studies and create confidence

What we did to take corrective actions arising problems in Mentoring program?: 
The institution has taken initiative to implement mentoring system and analyze certain issues related to communication skills and non-commerce background  who had difficulties in understanding the management subjects. All this led to process of adopting mentoring program for the students so as to instill confidence and enhance quality of education.

What we practice methods in our college ? 

The institute has taken an extra effort to schedule mentoring activities through each faculty member.  The students are allotted to mentor will meet and interact with the mentor during the schedule provided to each mentor.  Format of mentoring procedure is provided in excel sheet and each faculty fill the information and discuss the issues with mentee and generate solution with advice.  This exchanging information through mentor-mentee program create healthy environment in the campus.  The quarterly evaluation of mentoring is also carried out for building up quality approach.  Mentor keep record of all mentees and measured the result frequently through analysis. Sometime frequent meetings are difficult to schedule as the number of students are more and constraint of time therefore during the spare time the mentee has opportunity to meet the mentor for discussions.

How we achieved success in Mentoring Program.

Mentoring has helped the students to face the challenges and overcome the difficulties and obstacles in their day to day life.  Mentoring has also helped the mentor  to know students progress and positive changes in students which create good rapport with students for overall development. All stakeholders are aware and appreciate of the help the students get through the mentoring program. 

Still there were some problems arising from the mentoring programs !

The scheduling of time for mentoring the students had been challenging, placing to the right academic schedule. It was a challenge to schedule the trainings session


The entire mentoring approach has been built on personal interactions with students. Many students are inherently reserved and have to be focused upon a great deal more by there respective mentors so as to be given better guidance and support.

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