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Student Mentor Mentee System

The student mentoring system was introduced in Swayam Siddhi Degree Night College and universities. All teachers are involved in the mentoring process. Each mentor should look after about 60 to 70 students, depending on the course and section. Each mentor creates a list of all students assigned to them with details of name, class, department, roster number, contact number and email id. Mentors have specific responsibilities to look after all mentees, such as: B. Providing career advice, providing personal advice, assisting with difficulties in their curriculum, providing them with corrective training and providing support if and when needed.
The mentors also work to discover students' hidden talents in various academic, collaborative, extracurricular and extracurricular aspects so that they can be encouraged to undertake various activities in areas relevant to their overall development. Mentors also contact and meet with their mentor's parents to discuss their progress and/or other concerns, as needed.

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