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Admission is permitted under the laws and guidelines issued by the University of Mumbai from time to time. Applicants who have passed the State Council HSC exam for Secondary and Higher Education in Maharashtra Commerce and Science are eligible for admission to F.Y.B.Com Class.

All admissions are provisional and subject to approval from the University of Mumbai . Student passing from Swayam Siddhi Degree College who have earned the right to participate will benefit and be admitted first.
Students from Swayam Siddhi Educational Campus who are eligible for admission to a higher class will only be admitted to that class if a completed application with the required fees is received by the specified deadline within one week after the announcement of the proficiency test results.

Students from other University Councils wishing to enter into any of the College Degree programs will only be considered admission upon presentation of a Provisional Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Registrar, University of Mumbai. Admission is not permitted under any circumstances without the above mentioned certificates. The student must apply for migration. Certificates, assessment statements and certificates to be transferred to the original within two months from the date of receipt, otherwise their acceptance may be revoked.

Student from other colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai, who are seeking admission to Second and Third year of B.Com class will be admitted provisionally on production of ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the principal of the college last attended. Their admission will be conformed only on receipt of the transference Certificate (T.C.) from the previous college. For this purpose, they should submit an application from along with T.C. fee to the college at the time of admission.

Documents to be submitted along with Admission Form 1.Statement of Marks 2 attested copies (Original to be shown at the time of admission). 2.School Leaving Certificate 1 attested copy (Original to be shown at the time of admission). 3.Caste Certificate, if you have one – 1 attested copy (Original to be shown at the time of admission).

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