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On the 16th February, 2019, NSS Unit of “Swayam Siddhi Mitra Sangh’s Degree College” organized a successful Blood Donation Camp. Blood Donation is an important and foremost sense of duty of every human being which saves the life of many humans who needs it in urgent situation. On the day, total 61 unit blood bottles collected. (MALE =   41 , FEMALE = 20     ). List is attached at the end of the report.


The team who supports us for Blood donation camp was came from Kalyan, Sankalp Blood & Component Bank. During Blood Donation all NSS volunteers and college staff supported very well throughout the whole activity.




The blood donation camp was started exactly at 9.00 am and was continued until the 2.30 pm. All the students as well as outsiders gave an excellent response for the camp. It was pleasure to work for such an activity to all of us on that day and the Camp was successfully accomplished with everyone’s support. The donor is also examined and asked specific questions about their medical history to make sure that donating blood is not hazardous to their health. The donor’s hemoglobin level is tested to make sure that the loss of blood will not make them anemic, and this check is the most common reason that a donor is ineligible. Pulseblood pressure, and body temperature are also evaluated. Elderly donors are sometimes also deferred on age alone because of health concerns




The images and our effort really make us to feel proud that we all together fulfilled such a pleasant effort under the National Service Scheme.


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