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Composition of the committee

Prof Rahul Shah (In charge)

Prof Nausheen Parkar (Convenor)


1) Prof. Ravi Bitla

2) Prof. Uzma Momin

3) Prof. Nitin Kashivle

4) Prof. Ujwal Dokania

5) Prof. Sharique Momin

6) Prof. Smita Dubey

7) Prof. Radhika Gangadhar

8) Prof. Purvi Gosar








  • To ensure calm and peaceful academic atmosphere in the campus.

  • To aviod physical confrontation among students.

  • To conduct enqiuries on report of indiscipilinary activities among students

  • To initiate model actions against students involved in indiscipilinary activities

  • To initiate steps to reduce violence, controntation in future

  • To ensure female student safety and action against abuse and harassment.

  • To promote decency among students with respect to their dressing and uniform.




  • The present Discipline committee was formed on 20/07/2018. The first in disciplinary incident reported to the committee was on 23/09/2018, one student was injured due to physical confrontation. Detailed statements were recorded from petitioners, accused, witnesses and a report was submitted to the Principal.  2 students were suspended from the campus who had direct involvement in the activity for one month and they were reinstated by obtaining assurance letter from their guardians. After this incident, students were strictly warned and no such incidents have been reported till this date.

  • Another incident was reported in the month of September with respect to indiscipline against faculty named Prof Radhika Gangadhar. Detailed statement were recorded and submitted to the Principal. 4 students were suspended after obtaining assurance letter from their guardians.

  • The last incident of was recorded by one of the female student’s abuse and harassment. The girl was from Tybms and she was abused and harassed by 4 students of the same class. All 4 students were suspended after obtaining assurance letter from their guardians and complaint report was submitted to the Principal.

  • Apart from these time to time warnings were given against improper uniform and improper dressing to both & BMS students.


Prof Rahul Shah ( Incharge)

Prof Nausheen Parkar ( Convenor)

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