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Best Practices

  1. All the Departments of the College have designed various certificate and skill development courses to bridge the gap between the curriculum and requirements of industry and corporate sectors. This provides extra knowledge to the students. 

  2. Apart from that, every Department organizes various types of events at the Departmental, inter – Departmental, inter – Collegiate, University, State, National and International levels to provide requisite platform to the students. 

  3. These events are organized in accordance with the vision and mission of the college along with maintenance of harmonization with aims and objectives of the Department. 

  4. These events are structured and executed for active participation of the students at every level whereby students can learn through real time situations. 

  5. The guidelines are issued by the Principal regarding such kind of events, which are planned out and executed at the departmental levels. 

  6. There is organizing committee of the teachers and students working under able guidance of the respective Head or Coordinator along with a group of the students who participate it the event. 

  7. Various types of events such as Invited Talks, Role Play, Quiz, Essay Writing, Elocution, Aptitude Test, Innovative Concept Presentation, Research Paper Presentation etc. are organized.

  8. The PR activity of the event is carried out to reach out to the targeted audience within and outside the College. 

  9. The participating students are instructed well in advanced about the format, conduct and assessment methodologies during the events.

  10. The participants are appreciated, and winners are felicitated with certificates, medals, trophies, cash prizes or gift vouchers. 

Evidence of Success:

  1. All the records in the form of application letter duly signed by the Principal to grant the permission, notices of the programmes, attendance records of the participants, reports of the events and geo – tagged photographs are maintained in chronological order.

  2. There is increase in the entrepreneurial activities of the students in the form of startups.

  3. There is increase in the number of the student’s placement in various industries and corporates.

  4. There is increase in the salary packages of the students. 

  5. There is demand of the students from a particular sector in the industry and corporate. 

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