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Since sports and games play an integral part in molding and refining the character of an individual. The students are encouraged to take part in all the major indoor and outdoor games. Our college has excellent infrastructure required for development of sports skills in students such as volleyball court, Handball Court, table tennis room, carom room, chess room etc.

•   Everyone in our institutions will develop a passion for physical fitness and sports.
•   Every talented student will have an equal opportunity to develop and achieve excellence.
•   To provide need based assistance and involvement with in our available financial resources.

The Gymkhana aims at the overall development of the students through its various sports programmes and inculcates in them discipline, team spirit, teamwork, co-operation, sportsmanship and tolerance. The Gymkhana team enables various training, physical work-outs and helps to develop their physical fitness. A number of recreational and sports programmes are available for the students to refresh and relax. Fitness centre with advanced fitness equipments facilitate the students to stay physically fit and face any physical challenges.
The Gymkhana provides an ample opportunity to the students to take part in sports and games through intramural and extramural sports competitions.


The Sports and Gymkhana Committee encourage students for the practice before actual play on the ground. Our College has ready teams for almost all the Sports. One of the Player is playing for “ranji cricket” (Captain Mr. Tanmay Waghela).


Activity Plan for this year is attached with the same report.


















































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